container home zoning laws

Shipping Container Zoning Laws: Know Before You Build

What are shipping container zoning laws and why do we need to pay attention to them? The answer lies in the very idea that we can not offer you a single response to this question. Zoning laws are not only drastically different depending on your location, but also changing with a rapid degree of regularity, often being updated more than once each year. Add in the fact that you have federal, state, county, city, and even community standards to consider, …

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Are Shipping Container Homes Legal In California In 2021?

As homebuyers continue to embrace the trends of minimalist living and reduced environmental impact, shipping container homes have become an increasingly popular option for thousands of builders. Not only are shipping containers affordable, durable and easy to transform into unique living spaces, but they also offer flexibility that traditional dwellings often can’t. However, many of the laws that regulate residential construction and code enforcement are still catching up to the explosive growth of container homes, which can make the building …

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