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The 10 Most Effective Types of Shipping Container Insulation

When constructing a shipping container home, it is imperative to understand that insulation is an integral part of the process. For optimum comfort and energy-efficient living, Insulation of any home is an unavoidable necessity. However, the insulation methods used in regular homes may not be as effective on shipping container homes.  Homes made of steel shipping containers present unique challenges. Given that metal is a good conductor of both sound and heat, this kind of homes will normally require extra …

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Step By Step Guide To Build A Shipping Container Tiny Home

There are literally countless reasons why you might decide you’d like to live in a shipping container tiny home. The modular design, minuscule footprint, self-contained construction makes shipping containers a perfect base to begin converting your life to the shipping container tiny home lifestyle. Designed to be transportable, weatherproof, and durable, these ubiquitous boxes can be found nearly everywhere and can provide shelter with minimal modifications but are also infinitely open to modifications you’d like to make in order to …

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Finding The Best Well Pump For Your Container Home in 2020

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 15 million American households get their drinking water from private wells. If you’re one of them, making sure you have the best well pump for your home or business is essential to ensure a consistent, uninterrupted flow of clean, safe water from underground. The information here can provide a check-up for your current system or serve as a guide for your next well pump purchase. Well Pump Mechanics The majority …

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The Best Cordless Impact Wrench For Container Home Building

An impact wrench is a pivotal tool for the garage workbench. It is one of the tools that redefines your garage from a home fix-it bench into an actual working maintenance bench. Everyone has a cordless drill, a handful of screwdrivers, and a couple of wrenches bit once you add the torque wrench to your arsenal of tools, you have stepped up your game. Sometimes referred to as a torque gun, these powerful tools depend on the physical application of …

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best generator featured

The Best Generator for Shipping Container Homes In 2020

The demand for container homes is strong, especially in 2020. To many people, they are more appealing and attractive than traditional homes. There are several reasons behind their increasing popularity. For example, they cost less, since you can find a 20-ft shipping container home at $1,500-$3,000 while a 40-ft alternative could cost you around $4,500. Apart from the cost factor, the homes are also solidly strong, pest-proof, and offer plenty of financial and physical freedom. Their energy efficiency and eco-friendliness …

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best mig welder featured

Best MIG Welder for Shipping Container Home Construction

Here we are project builders, about to embark on this magnificent build of turning an old shipping container into a living space.  Whether you’re building a single container shed, micro-home, or designing a large scale multi-level build involving multiple shipping containers, you will have to content with one common element; Cor-Ten Steel.  Don’t let the “Cor-Ten” designation scare you, it’s just steel that has been treated to resist corrosion.  It’s the steel part of the name that you will be …

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tesla solar panels review featured

The Comprehensive 2020 Tesla Solar Panels Review and Guide

Solar panels are a great way to make your home eco-friendly and off-grid. Tesla and its chairman Elon Musk are well-known for their grand technologies – and their solar panels are no exception. After merging with SolarCity in 2016, Tesla Energy announced its plans with solar technology and has since become the largest installer of residential solar panels in the United States. SolarCity currently sells third-party brands of solar panels, so finding an exact source on what you actually get …

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The 5 Best Angle Grinders for Shipping Container Homes

Converting this shipping container into a home is going to take a lot of DIY effort and more than a little sweat and tears (let’s keep the blood to a minimum okay?)  You embarked on this undertaking because you wanted to build it yourself and because after a little research online, you found that ordinary people like you and me can, and have, built large scale projects like this. Don’t be intimidated by the massive amounts of work ahead of …

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tesla powerwall review featured

The Comprehensive 2020 Tesla Powerwall Review and Guide

The Tesla Powerwall is a large capacity energy storage unit available for light commercial and full residential use.  Here we are in the year 2020, two decades after the turn of the century.  The long fantasized future is here and now.  Cartoons promised us flying cars, movies promised us jetpacks, novels told us we’d all be living in Utopian communities by now. The problem with predicting the future is we always get it wrong.  Our vision of Utopian life centered …

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shipping container home ideas featured

Shipping Container Home Ideas: 10 Unique Customization Tips

Personalizing your container can truly make a difference. Depending on your business or industry’s needs, containers can include add-ons that are not only affordable, but convenient as well. Our Top Shipping Container Home Ideas Containers are trendy, it pays off to take advantage of their features! Let’s run through 10 tips that can assist you in customizing your container. Bigger containers = bigger opportunities. The size of your container is going to depend on the size needed to store equipment …

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