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Shipping Container Zoning Laws: Know Before You Build

What are shipping container zoning laws and why do we need to pay attention to them? The answer lies in the very idea that we can not offer you a single response to this question. Zoning laws are not only drastically different depending on your location, but also changing with a rapid degree of regularity, often being updated more than once each year. Add in the fact that you have federal, state, county, city, and even community standards to consider, …

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The Best Shipping Container Home Design Software For 2022

Changing your living conditions and planning a drastic change such as converting a shipping container into a home is a large undertaking and takes more planning and scheduling than an ordinary move into a new home. Moving into a conventional home is stressful, but you’re generally moving from one house to another. With the shipping container home movement, you’re taking on the additional challenges of building this conversion and then moving into a much smaller space than most people are …

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How To Build A Shipping Container Home Foundation: 6 Tips

First and foremost, before we discuss the construction of the foundation, the most important tip you need to consider about your shipping container home foundation is the type of foundation you need. Oh sure, this sounds easy, but there are three very different distinct styles of foundations and there are several questions to answer before you begin converting the shipping container into a home. FAQs Before Shipping Container Home Foundation Creation How permanent is this structure in this location? Do …

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Are Shipping Container Homes Legal In California In 2021?

As homebuyers continue to embrace the trends of minimalist living and reduced environmental impact, shipping container homes have become an increasingly popular option for thousands of builders. Not only are shipping containers affordable, durable and easy to transform into unique living spaces, but they also offer flexibility that traditional dwellings often can’t. However, many of the laws that regulate residential construction and code enforcement are still catching up to the explosive growth of container homes, which can make the building …

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Shipping Container Home?

Are you interested in building a shipping container home? You are not alone. Today, people are increasingly turning to container architecture for their construction needs. As their name suggests, shipping container homes are built from steel shipping containers used to transport goods on trucks, trains, and ships. The appeal of using shipping containers as building materials lies in their availability, simplicity, eco-friendliness, and affordability. Since they are built following set factory standards, shipping containers are standardized, structurally sound, durable, and …

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shipping container home featured

Building A Shipping Container Home: A Great Overview For 2021

Interested in taking shipping containers and turning them into living space? If so, we don’t blame you one bit, and you aren’t alone! The container living movement has exploded in recent years. This mainly comes from the convenience, affordability, sustainability, and environmental-friendliness of building your shipping container home. Container homes are extremely versatile. Think of them as massive blank-canvas LEGO blocks for you to bend to your heart’s desire. They can make wonderful tiny homes for those with access to …

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Where to Buy Shipping Containers For Container Homes in 2021

Whether stacked on cargo ships, rolling across the country on trains or attached to the back of large trucks, shipping containers play a key role in the global economy. Without them, it would be virtually impossible to efficiently transport manufactured goods across oceans, onto store shelves and ultimately into consumers’ homes. But over the last several decades, shipping containers have found new life in the form of container homes, which have become popularized by minimalist trends in residential architecture. Shipping …

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off grid living featured

Prepare For Off Grid Living In Your Shipping Container Home

Have you ever dreamed of leaving the big city behind? Off grid living in a shipping container home has gained popularity in recent years and it is easy to see why. The median price for an existing home in the United States is $245,100 according to the National Association of Realtors. Buying a new home will set you back $385,200 on average. That is pretty expensive! Shipping container homes offer a much cheaper solution. The average shipping container costs around …

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Pros and Cons of Shipping Container Homes In 2020 And Beyond

As more and more people embrace minimalist and environmentally-conscious lifestyles—whether through “tiny homes,” KonMari organization or other attempts to simplify daily life—shipping containers are becoming an increasingly popular option for affordable, energy-efficient residences. And while container homes boast distinct advantages over other types of housing units, they aren’t ideal for everyone. Below, we’ll dive into some of the pros and cons of shipping container homes to help you decide whether one of these quirky dwellings is right for you. Pros …

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4 Shipping Container House Myths Busted By Life Containerized

Shipping container homes have been gaining in popularity.  Younger generations seeking out new and interesting living arraignments, older generations of retiring thrill seekers, and middle generations ready for change, it seems that there is no specific market for the alternative housing market. If you’ve seen some of these shipping container homes profiled online, you may have thought about embarking on your own adventure and doing the same.  They look great and are a real conversation starter.  But worries and doubts …

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