The Best Generator for Shipping Container Homes In 2020

The demand for container homes is strong, especially in 2020. To many people, they are more appealing and attractive than traditional homes. There are several reasons behind their increasing popularity. For example, they cost less, since you can find a 20-ft shipping container home at $1,500-$3,000 while a 40-ft alternative could cost you around $4,500.

Apart from the cost factor, the homes are also solidly strong, pest-proof, and offer plenty of financial and physical freedom. Their energy efficiency and eco-friendliness is also quite admirable just as the quick build time. The fact that it could run comfortably on the best generator is also worth mentioning. After all, you would need the generator to perform the following tasks:

  1. Run all the lights in the house
  2. Run the TV
  3. Run the refrigerator
  4. Run the sump pump
  5. Run all appliances and essentials

Our Choices For The Best Generator for Shipping Container Homes

In this regard, your generator is your investment. Typically, they could be quite pricey but that should not dissuade you from investing in a good one. That is because the return on your investment could be huge by saving you tons of money. To this end, you should not put too much emphasis on pricing. Instead, consider other factors too.

For example, you have to consider the size of the generator vis-à-vis the appliances or essentials you want it to run comfortably and efficiently. Ordinarily, your choices would oscillate between a home standby generator, large inverter, and a portable generator. Nevertheless, the market is full of more options, as you would see below.

Westinghouse WGen 7500

Westinghouse WGen 7500 is one of the best generator models for several reasons. This heavy-duty powerhouse delivers all the power that you need to keep your shipping container home lit up and fully powered. Additionally, it would never disappoint you during emergencies because of the 420cc Westinghouse 4-stroke engine that powers it.

Other aspects of the engine that make it a perfect choice for shipping container homes include digital hour meter and its ability to shut down automatically when oil levels drop.  With the capacity for running at 7500 watts before surging to 9500 watts, this beefy machine would operate all the appliances that you need to use in your container home.

How much fuel does it require to run optimally? Generally, it will serve you effortlessly for up to 16 hours on nothing more than 6.6 gallon of fuel. Other than that, you could power it from roughly 110 yards away without touching it. Essentially, that means you do not have to leave your shipping container home to power it up.

That is not all, though, since the machine is one of the easiest to maintain and keep functioning at optimal levels. The four 120/240V standard outlets featured on this machine are more than sufficient for your household’s needs too. Further, the convenience derived from its transfer switch ready feature is second to none as well. If you are ready to pay the price, you will discover that the generator is worth the money.


  • Starts remotely
  • Transfer switch ready
  • Runs on 6.6 gallon of fuel for 16 hours non-stop
  • Has a fuel tank capacity of 6 gallons
  • Perfect for heavy duty household tasks
  • Easy to use since it is a plug-and-play machine


  • Quite costly than other similar generators
  • A bit heavier than other machines

Champion 3800

Your search for the best generator is never complete until you have considered Champion 3800. For starters, the machine is the perfect workhorse generator to provide all the back-up power that your shipping container home needs. Two of its most attractive qualities are powerfulness and dependability. More remarkably, it is capable of outlasting the competition too.

Therefore, you would not have to worry about replacing it any time soon, not unless it is extensively damaged. Additionally, the generator runs on both gasoline and propane. More intriguingly, you never have to adjust any of its components when running on either gasoline or propane. Its versatility remains unmatched in an industry that is renowned for versatile tools.

What do you do in case you run out of fuel? Normally, that would mean shutting down your best generator until you replenish the fuel. However, that is not the case with Champion 3800. That is because all you have to do is to simply switch to an alternate source of fuel. Such a quality is huge news when your shipping container house is located a bit far from the nearest fuel selling station.

Furthermore, when running on propane, the generator serves you for up to 9 hours. On the other hand, it would continue running for up to 10-and-a-half hours on propane. Running at 3800 watts and capable of surging up to 4750 watts, the generator is the true definition of packing a punch.


  • Runs on both gasoline and propane right out of the box
  • Runs for 9 hours and 10.5 hours on gasoline and propane respectively
  • Push-start button
  • Extremely powerful and efficient
  • Operates almost noiselessly
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Offers protection against surges
  • Capable of powering multiple devices simultaneously
  • Portable


  • Its massive size makes it a bit cumbersome to maneuver
  • Exposure to rainwater hinders it from working

DuroStar DS4000S

With its 7HP engine, this generator provides all the power that you need in your shipping container home. The fact that its 4-gallon tank of gas delivers an average time of nine hours makes it ideal for the home. Operating at 3300 watts, which is capable of surging up to 4000 watts, it allows you to plug in as many appliances as your shipping container home requires.

It has several other amazing features as well. These include the full power panel, which warns you when the oil levels drop, a voltmeter, and circuit breaker. As one of the best generators, it is fitted with multiple power outlets as well. Capacity for shutting off automatically when engine oil drops low provides the preventative care the motor needs to enjoy extended life.

Unlike many generators that are available for domestic use, DuroStar DS4000S is one of the quietest. Therefore, you would not even notice its presence when you need a bit of quietness to concentrate on your work. All this is possible because of the generator’s heavy-duty steel frame with a full array of isolated motor mounts.

Arguably, the only drawback on this generator is the lack of a push-to-start button, which has been replaced with an EZ-pull recoil start. Moreover, you do not have to feel stuck with the generator since it only weighs 90lbs thus quite portable. For this reason, you can carry it with you to any destination of your choice courtesy of the optional wheel system that you can buy separately.


  • Full of outlets, meters, and safety switches
  • Low-cost best generator compared to its competition
  • Highly reliable
  • RV ready


  • A bit heavy hence not the easiest to travel around with

Champion 3500

Anyone interested in the range of portable generators available in the market should also include Champion 3500 in that list. It is relatively small compared to its competitors but that does not limit its capabilities. After all, this generator is capable of powering all the necessities in your shipping container home comfortably without as much as a cough. For such a small generator, it delivers 3500 watts, which is well capable of surging up to 4000 watts if you need it to.

Furthermore, one major reason for investing in it is its capacity for recording a runtime of up to 12 hours on a 3.8-gallon tank. If you go back to the first best generators reviewed above, you would notice that Champion 3500 performs better than it despite having a smaller tank.

Nevertheless, even the best generator is not devoid of flaws. This particular brand is notorious for making the wheel assembly optional, which might seem a bit inconsequential until you realize that you need to move it around. However, that is not such a major issue most of the time, especially when you consider that it emits a noise level of merely 68dB, which is not enough to wake your pet.

Moreover, when you have little space in your shipping container house, you would need something as vital as this generator since it does not occupy plenty of space. The fact that it would also operate perfectly without forcing you to invest in additional attachments or converters makes it extra special too.


  • Shuts off automatically when oil level drops
  • Operates almost noiselessly
  • Offers adequate protection against power surge
  • Comes with a built-in voltmeter
  • CARB compliant and EPA certified
  • Low-cost option
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Extremely durable steel frame
  • Delivers ample power for powering all essentials in your shipping container home
  • Equipped with a convenient cold start feature
  • Lightweight and portable compared to similar equipment


  • Wheel assembly kit is optional
  • Its handle is suspended over the exhaust

WEN 56475

WEN 56475 justifiably belongs in this list of the best generators. When facing an emergency and you need to power up all your essentials in the shipping container home, nothing would serve you better. The fact that this machine is a highly portable generator fitted with a wheel system that allows you to push and drive it wherever you go sweetens the deal further.

Additionally, it runs on a 223cc engine while operating at 3750 running watts, which can surge up to 4750 watts, thus providing all the power needed to keep your home and all its attendant essentials powered up and lit. Its RV-ready outlet gives the machine the oomph needed to handle all its components as well.

Do not despair if you have never used a similar product and keep wondering what you need to do. That is because WEN 56475 comes with a digital readout that you can use to learn how to operate it. Nevertheless, it is pretty much easy to use and maintain, as you will learn from the readout. It has an electric start thus will not take too much time to fire up and power your appliances or the entire home.

With its low-oil shutdown feature you will not have to stay close to the generator at all times to switch it off in case the oil levels drop. After all, this feature shuts it off automatically. Impressively, it also adheres to all the EPA and CARD requirements, hence a good option anywhere.


  • Runs for about 7-and-a-half hours on a full 1.1 gallon tank
  • Easy to use courtesy of its on/off switch
  • Offers two outlets to use
  • Provides up to 1,500 watts of power
  • Small and lightweight hence quite portable
  • Shuts down automatically when oil drops
  • Perfect for camping
  • Its control panel has two outlets of 120 volts and one of 12 volts


  • Slightly noisy
  • Unable to handle big loads, which cause it to bog down a bit

Final Thoughts on Best Generator Options

Are you now ready to buy the best generator for powering up your shipping container home? The options reviewed above offer you plenty of room to find what you need. Remember, get a generator that suits what you want to use it for. Secondly, get one based on the hours you need it to run. Do you have another power source? On the other hand, will you be powering the home entirely on the generator? Your answers to these would also have an impact on your choice.

As you select, do not forget to consider the space that is available inside the home. If you lack adequate space, then it would be fine to choose one that would function outside well. In that case, you would need a generator that functions despite exposure to the elements.