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How To Build A Shipping Container Home Foundation: 6 Tips

First and foremost, before we discuss the construction of the foundation, the most important tip you need to consider about your shipping container home foundation is the type of foundation you need. Oh sure, this sounds easy, but there are three very different distinct styles of foundations and there are several questions to answer before you begin converting the shipping container into a home. FAQs Before Shipping Container Home Foundation Creation How permanent is this structure in this location? Do …

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The 10 Most Effective Types of Shipping Container Insulation

When constructing a shipping container home, it is imperative to understand that insulation is an integral part of the process. For optimum comfort and energy-efficient living, Insulation of any home is an unavoidable necessity. However, the insulation methods used in regular homes may not be as effective on shipping container homes.  Homes made of steel shipping containers present unique challenges. Given that metal is a good conductor of both sound and heat, this kind of homes will normally require extra …

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Are Shipping Container Homes Legal In California In 2021?

As homebuyers continue to embrace the trends of minimalist living and reduced environmental impact, shipping container homes have become an increasingly popular option for thousands of builders. Not only are shipping containers affordable, durable and easy to transform into unique living spaces, but they also offer flexibility that traditional dwellings often can’t. However, many of the laws that regulate residential construction and code enforcement are still catching up to the explosive growth of container homes, which can make the building …

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Step By Step Guide To Build A Shipping Container Tiny Home

There are literally countless reasons why you might decide you’d like to live in a shipping container tiny home. The modular design, minuscule footprint, self-contained construction makes shipping containers a perfect base to begin converting your life to the shipping container tiny home lifestyle. Designed to be transportable, weatherproof, and durable, these ubiquitous boxes can be found nearly everywhere and can provide shelter with minimal modifications but are also infinitely open to modifications you’d like to make in order to …

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Shipping Container Home?

Are you interested in building a shipping container home? You are not alone. Today, people are increasingly turning to container architecture for their construction needs. As their name suggests, shipping container homes are built from steel shipping containers used to transport goods on trucks, trains, and ships. The appeal of using shipping containers as building materials lies in their availability, simplicity, eco-friendliness, and affordability. Since they are built following set factory standards, shipping containers are standardized, structurally sound, durable, and …

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Building A Shipping Container Home: A Great Overview For 2021

Interested in taking shipping containers and turning them into living space? If so, we don’t blame you one bit, and you aren’t alone! The container living movement has exploded in recent years. This mainly comes from the convenience, affordability, sustainability, and environmental-friendliness of building your shipping container home. Container homes are extremely versatile. Think of them as massive blank-canvas LEGO blocks for you to bend to your heart’s desire. They can make wonderful tiny homes for those with access to …

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Where to Buy Shipping Containers For Container Homes in 2021

Whether stacked on cargo ships, rolling across the country on trains or attached to the back of large trucks, shipping containers play a key role in the global economy. Without them, it would be virtually impossible to efficiently transport manufactured goods across oceans, onto store shelves and ultimately into consumers’ homes. But over the last several decades, shipping containers have found new life in the form of container homes, which have become popularized by minimalist trends in residential architecture. Shipping …

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shipping container farm

The Explosive Growth Of the Shipping Container Farm in 2021

Over the past decade, demand for locally-grown produce has increased exponentially as consumers seek to reduce their carbon footprint and support businesses in their communities. However, the availability of adequate and affordable land for growing food poses a major challenge for local farmers, especially those serving urban areas. In response to this challenge, shipping container farming has emerged as a popular and effective alternative to traditional agricultural methods, thanks to innovations in technology as well as the trend toward repurposing …

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Setting Up Off-Grid Rainwater Collection Systems in 2020

Rainwater is just as crucial today as it has ever been in the history of humanity. Plants, animals, humans, the soil, and the entire ecosystem rely on it. For this reason, it is imperative that we learn how to collect it. Technology has allowed societies everywhere around the world to use a highly advanced rainwater collection system. However, more communities continue to rely on simple and easy concepts to do that. In 2020 and beyond, no person should be struggling …

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Finding The Best Well Pump For Your Container Home in 2020

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 15 million American households get their drinking water from private wells. If you’re one of them, making sure you have the best well pump for your home or business is essential to ensure a consistent, uninterrupted flow of clean, safe water from underground. The information here can provide a check-up for your current system or serve as a guide for your next well pump purchase. Well Pump Mechanics The majority …

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