Month: July 2019

pros and cons of shipping container homes featured

Pros and Cons of Shipping Container Homes In 2020 And Beyond

As more and more people embrace minimalist and environmentally-conscious lifestyles—whether through “tiny homes,” KonMari organization or other attempts to simplify daily life—shipping containers are becoming an increasingly popular option for affordable, energy-efficient residences. And while container homes boast distinct advantages over other types of housing units, they aren’t ideal for everyone. Below, we’ll dive into some of the pros and cons of shipping container homes to help you decide whether one of these quirky dwellings is right for you. Pros …

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best mig welder featured

Best MIG Welder for Shipping Container Home Construction

Here we are project builders, about to embark on this magnificent build of turning an old shipping container into a living space.  Whether you’re building a single container shed, micro-home, or designing a large scale multi-level build involving multiple shipping containers, you will have to content with one common element; Cor-Ten Steel.  Don’t let the “Cor-Ten” designation scare you, it’s just steel that has been treated to resist corrosion.  It’s the steel part of the name that you will be …

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tesla solar panels review featured

The Comprehensive 2020 Tesla Solar Panels Review and Guide

Solar panels are a great way to make your home eco-friendly and off-grid. Tesla and its chairman Elon Musk are well-known for their grand technologies – and their solar panels are no exception. After merging with SolarCity in 2016, Tesla Energy announced its plans with solar technology and has since become the largest installer of residential solar panels in the United States. SolarCity currently sells third-party brands of solar panels, so finding an exact source on what you actually get …

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best angle grinder featured

The 5 Best Angle Grinders for Shipping Container Homes

Converting this shipping container into a home is going to take a lot of DIY effort and more than a little sweat and tears (let’s keep the blood to a minimum okay?)  You embarked on this undertaking because you wanted to build it yourself and because after a little research online, you found that ordinary people like you and me can, and have, built large scale projects like this. Don’t be intimidated by the massive amounts of work ahead of …

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rainwater collection system featured

Rainwater Collection System Tips for Shipping Container Homes

We have seen a trend across the country of moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle in all aspects of our daily lives. This is evident in areas where people have taken roots in creating their homes out of recycled materials such as shipping containers. You are reducing your carbon footprint by reusing an item and reducing the amount of waste that our society creates. Another way we can reduce that carbon footprint and evolve into a more sustainable lifestyle is …

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